Your Senior Portrait is an opportunity to say something unique and powerful about you to the world

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Say something powerful about yourself with your Senior Portraits

Senior Portraits say something about you.

In fact, your senior portraits can say a great deal about you.

This is a time when you are in between.  You are an adult and yet are still connected for just a moment longer with your youth.

This is an incredible time.

Senior portraits are a last opportunity to say a great deal about who you during this awesome transition period of your life.  One last time… before you move on forever into adulthood.

You are now moving from having been a child, cared for by your parents, well on your way to the beginnings of your very own adulthood, self reliance and personal responsibility…

What do you wish to say about who you have been?

What will you like to portray about who you aspire to be?

What will your portraits say about who you are?

Notice the expressive nature of Yucel’s portraits?

When you choose to have your senior portrait sitting with Yucel, you are choosing to have portraits which will bring out your character through expression.

A portrait portrays.  It does this, among other things but most notably, through expression.

Express yourself.

To portray the meaning and to capture these memories of this time in your life, schedule your senior portraits with Yucel.

Take the time and care it takes to do your senior portraits in a style portraying you at your best and which will say something unique about your story.

Use your senior portraits to tell the story about the beauty of who you are now.  Say something about the promise of who you are becoming, who you are and of who you have been.

These images are capturing now and forever this moment, as it is sliding by while you race ever forward on toward meeting many boundless tomorrows.

This is a last opportunity to capture the moment of living in your family’s home, as you move off into a home of your own.

Your senior portraits can portray your beauty and expression of character to you, to your loved ones and to the world what these times have meant for you and what the promise of times yet to come may look like as a result.

More examples of photography by Yucel are available for view at

These are your last opportunities to cherish and preserve these times before you are on your own.

Capture forever the meaning of these moments in portraits with Yucel by phoning 480 703 9823.